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Ways to Help Prevent Arthritis in Women

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly 80 million American adults will receive arthritis diagnoses by the year 2040. Women are at higher risk than men, and most adults are diagnosed after the age of 45.

You may show no signs of aching, stiff joints today, but your risk of experiencing pain goes up each year. To give yourself a fighting chance against this life-altering diagnosis, implement these three arthritis prevention strategies today.

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Stay Active, Despite the Cold Weather!

When the holidays come knocking, they tend to bring plenty of things to your doorstep — wintry weather, time with loved ones and food aplenty. Tasty treats are a part of the recipe for a good time, but the holidays can have a hefty cost: there’s not exactly a high incentive to stay fit, or get even a few minutes’ worth of exercise. The crazy weather alone can put the kibosh on any exercise plans, which does more harm than good. Click here to read more »

Plan Ahead to Avoid the Over-indulgences of the Season

The holidays are a challenging time to stay healthy. Overeating, drinking, and even overspending can result in weight gain and problems with health issues, or anxiety and depression, when all those bills come due. But there are ways to stay healthy while enjoying ourselves.

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5 Facts About Heart Disease

You hear about cancer nearly every day — on TV, in social media, maybe you even have a personal connection to this horrible disease. It has impacted everyone in one way or another. But, did you know there is another disease responsible for taking more lives each year than all types of cancer combined? Heart disease is the No. 1 killer in America.

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Exercise Without Getting Overheated

The summer heat can turn a healthy workout into a potential threat. While exercise is important year-round, the hot weather coupled with intense activity can put you at risk for heat illness. Heat illness occurs when your body loses the ability to cool down, and the condition can be life-threatening. Here are some tips to keep up your fitness routine in the summer months with a safe and healthy approach:

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Picking Physical Activity That Is Right for You

For most people, exercise is not high on their list of favorite activities. For people who have been sedentary for a long amount of time or for people with disabilities or who are severely overweight, it can be as unsafe as it is unpleasant. It’s important to consult a Gwinnett physician if you are picking up physical activity for the first time in quite some time. Once you have done so, adopting a regular exercise routine is as simple as figuring out what you enjoy doing.

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Exercise May Curtail COPD Complications

For overburdened health care systems seeking ways to decrease hospital readmissions, a recent study linking exercise and lower hospital readmission rates for COPD patients is indeed welcome news. Although the study does not categorically state a direct cause-and-effect relationship, the findings do show a strong correlation between physical activity and the rate of readmission within a 30-day period. Click here to read more »

Benefits of Daily Exercise

Science has proven that there are countless benefits to exercising for even a short period every single day. Here are some of the most common benefits we see at our Lawrenceville family health center: Click here to read more »

Tips for Starting an Exercise Program

It can be exciting to start a new exercise program, but many of our Lawrenceville clinic patients find it difficult to keep going with their exercise program. Our doctors have a few tips for how to create a successful and long-lasting exercise program. Click here to read more »

Tips for Protecting Your Heart Health

Eating right and regular exercise go a long way in making sure your heart stays healthy and strong. Below are a few practical, easy-to-adapt suggestions to protect your heart and decrease your chance of a heart attack. Click here to read more »

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