The fanfare aside, many parents dread Halloween and its sugary impact on the health of their kids. Yes, you want you kids have fun but the image of the sugar high children with hands full of sugary treats all for one night will make many health-conscious parents cringe. Why not make it a little different this time around?

Opt for healthier alternatives to the traditional candy for Halloween. From your pantry to the long aisles at your grocery stores, it is possible to find healthy alternatives that your kids will love. Create a little excitement with unexpected treats and finds using these suggestions;

1. Switch Candy for Healthier

Forget the disgruntled looks you will receive every time you hand out a healthier alternative to sugar high kids thirsting for more and more candy. Children appreciate variety and that is exactly what a healthier alternative offers, something they can add to their lunchbox. Consider adding items like:

  • Packets of raisins
  • Granola bars
  • Hot chocolate mix
  • Fruity ice treats — especially useful for warm nights

2. Some Novelty Goodies Will Do

Party store goodies are a guaranteed way to create enthusiasm for all the neighborhood kids. Children love non-food items at Halloween and you can always buy these items in bulk to reduce cost and repackage them into small individual treats. Think of item such as:


  • Halloween pencils, pens
  • Rubber ghosts, goblins, witches
  • Small rubber balls
  • Stickers with Halloween themes
  • Glow sticks

3. Compromise

Instead of banning sugary treats altogether, how about working out a compromise? You can give an assortment of goodies such as toys and a mix of healthy and sugary treats.

Even with these healthy alternatives, it is up to the parent to ensure that the food items are taken in moderation. Your kids will collect both healthy and unhealthy treats from other homes and as is tradition all the candy will be spilled out on the living room floor ready to be eaten. This is the perfect time to put your parent hat on to avoid bloated tummies full of candy the next day. Come up with a plan on how the candy will be consumed. The candy should only be consumed in small amounts to avoid spoiling appetites and skipped meals.

Contact RodriguezMD for more information on healthy treats! Happy Halloween!