Cash Prices

The Cash Plan allow patients at this Lawrenceville clinic to pay cash for individual services as needed.


Special Offer


Office Visit (New)
Office Visit (Established)Laboratory Tests (Basic Labs/Per Test)
Urine, Glucose Stik, Oxygen Test, CBC, TSH, BMPEKG (Electrocardiogram)PAP Smear Office VisitHemoglobin A1CALT and Lipid PanelCMPFull Physical Exam (Including Full Labs, EKG)
Gyno Physical Exam (Including All Above Plus PAP)


All services are at the discretion of Rodriguez MD and may be cancelled at any time. Payment is due at time of service or services will not be provided. Services will be denied if any money is owed or the patients account is not current, monthly payments due on the 1st of each calendar month. Costs for specialist treatment, emergency room visits, urgent care are the responsibility of the patient and are not covered by Rodriguez MD

(Note: Cash and Cash Plus Programs are not available to Medicare/Medicaid Patients)