In Part 1: Ways to Cope with Stress as a Breast Cancer Fighter, we focused on maintaining a support system while you are fighting and recovering. Keeping up with your most important relationships is important during this time of physical stress and emotional exhaustion. In this installment to the series, the doctors at your Lawrenceville clinic want to focus on the things you can do for yourself.

Read on to find more ways to cope with your stress.

Regular Exercise

Most everyone knows that regular exercise helps relieve stress, improves your health and makes you feel better. All of these things are vital when you have cancer. Sadly, too many people stop exercising after a cancer diagnosis because they just don’t feel up to it physically or emotionally. They may feel it is pointless given their condition. However, it is essential to your physical and mental well-being to stay as active as possible. Even if you can’t work out as strenuously as you did before, it is good if you can do some type of physical activity like walking or yoga. Both are great sources of relaxation. There are even yoga and workout DVDs and websites designed especially for those living with breast cancer. Your Gwinnett physician should be able to help you develop an exercise routine that is appropriate for your physical abilities.

While regular exercise has not been conclusively determined to increase the chance of survival or lower the risk of recurrence of cancer, some studies suggest that it does. A study funded by the National Institutes of Health found that increased physical activity helped women with breast cancer improves their mood and quality of life and helps them resist fatigue.

Complementary Medicine

Many women find relief from stress through complementary medicine techniques. Note that complementary medicine is NOT the same as alternative medicine, but it is meant to complement or supplement traditional medical care. You should always consult with your doctor before doing any of them. Some require a practitioner, but others you can do on your own.

Popular complementary techniques include very simple things like aromatherapy, keeping a journal, prayer, meditation, tai chi and, as we noted before, yoga. Others require a practitioner of some sort, but can be something as simple as various types of massage. Some people find that acupuncture or hypnosis helps them. If you are seeing a therapist or are in a support group, you can likely get some recommendations for techniques that can help you manage your stress.

The doctors and medical staff at our family medical clinic in Lawrenceville, Georgia, are all women, so we understand women’s health issues. At Rodriguez MD, we also know the importance of preventative screenings in detecting breast cancers as well as other serious medical conditions early. Early detection and treatment are often vital to successful treatment.

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