The body is an incredible machine designed to do hundreds of tasks to maintain life. And like any machine, sometimes parts wear out or need to have maintenance done to them. Oftentimes, people will ignore the signs that they need to seek treatment from a doctor or will skip yearly exams because they “feel” fine. Ironically, they will take their vehicles in every few thousand miles to get their oil changed and their car fluids checked. If a person is willing to be diligent about their cars health, why are they so reluctant to have their own bodies checked to make sure everything is in working order? By not getting a physical checkup at least annually, people put themselves at risk of allowing treatable issues to linger too long and become much more serious, sometimes even fatal.

Why Physical Exams Are Important

Physical exams are just one piece of the puzzle (albeit an important piece) when it comes to preventative health care. Adults of any age should consider getting a physical exam at least once a year to:

  • Check for common diseasesWoman at doctors office getting her yearly physical exam
  • Get updated vaccinations
  • Make sure that weight is under control
  • Manage any existing conditions
  • Keeping a strong relationship with a physician

Going to the doctor is not just reserved for being sick or injured. Getting ahead of potential medical risks can save lives. For example, a lot of people do not know if they are pre-diabetic because they haven’t had their blood sugarchecked. By getting an exam, a person can avoid becoming a full type-2 diabetic and having to spend a lot of money on insulin and other medicines. Screenings can also make sure that a person isn’t at risk for different types of cancers. Cancer survival rate is tied directly into how early it is detected and treated.

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