At Rodriguez MD Medical Practice, we believe that quality health care begins with preventative care and health maintenance. As a premier Lawrenceville family practice, we know the importance of helping our patients understand that the lifestyle choices they make today really will affect the quality of their lives in the future.

Dr. Veronica Rodriguez and Dr. Deborah Rodriguez have made it their mission to share with patients information that will have a positive impact on the future health of their patients. In addition to primary care, your Gwinnett physicians offer this lifestyle and wellness care because we believe that prevention really is worth a pound of cure!

When you are dedicated to making appointments with your doctors in Lawrenceville GA for preventative health, you are making a sound investment in your future well-being; this preventive care, also called routine care, will lead to preventing issues or finding them before they become serious complications that lead to other, more complex conditions. Preventive care includes examinations and screening tests that are tailored to a patient’s age, health, and family history. For example, a person with a family history of certain diseases would begin screening at an earlier age and/or more frequently for those diseases than those with no family history.

Visits to your Lawrenceville clinic may entail extended, informative consultations and personalized coaching to help you create positive lifestyle changes including stress management, smoking cessation, weight loss and much more. A positive lifestyle is directly related to your physical health, and we strive to help our patients by providing the education, tools and support necessary to live a longer, happier and healthier life.

Doctors Deborah and Veronica Rodriguez know that different patients need different types of preventative care; age, sex, ethnicity, national origin and medical history all affect the type of care you need. Some ethnic groups, for example, have a higher risk for diabetes. Some blood conditions are found only in patients of Mediterranean descent. The risk of heart disease is different for women and men. Your Lawrenceville doctors at Rodriguez MD Medical Practice can find out what diseases or conditions you are at risk for, which means that as your Gwinnett physicians we can start screening earlier and targeting potential concerns earlier, when they are the most easily treated.

To learn more about the preventative health services that our Lawrenceville doctors at Rodriguez MD Medical Practice offer, please call our office to schedule an appointment or visit our ”Contact Us” page.