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Why Osteoporosis is More Common in Women

Osteoporosis causes a persons bones to break and is often a result of someone aging. When bones get thinner they become more fragile, which can lead to serious problems such as fractures and breaks. These fractures can be extremely painful and lead to other kinds of dangerous problems. One example is that someone with osteoporosis could easily lose their balance and fall, which could lead to other physical problems such as cuts and bruises. While the condition is common in both sexes, it is more common among women than men. Click here to read more »

Reasons to Take Your Children to Get Physicals Before School

With the summer slipping away and the fall approaching, it’s time for parents or guardians to start helping their children prepare for school. Between shopping for school supplies and new shoes, children should be taken for a regular physical examination in preparation for the start of classes. When it comes to making sure kids are ready to spend hours a day in the classroom, at recess and on the field with sports teams, nothing could be more important. The following are five reasons to take your children to get physicals before the school year starts.

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