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What is Renal Disease?

Renal disease, also called kidney failure or chronic kidney disease, refers to the loss of function in the kidneys. The kidneys fail gradually and the result is the buildup of excess fluid and waste in the body. Although the early stages of renal disease may not cause obvious symptoms, early detection is essential since symptoms may not persist until kidney function is almost completely gone. Click here to read more »

Soak In the Holiday Season, Despite Having Diabetes

If you have diabetes, the holidays can be a tricky time of year. With so many gatherings centered around food and all of the holiday treats, it can be hard.

Good news! You can still enjoy yourself and not feel like your missing out on anything at all.

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Ways to Prevent Diabetes

Diabetes has become an epidemic in this country, and it’s impacting people of all ages. Even Type 2 diabetes, which used to be known as “adult-onset” diabetes, is being seen more and more frequently in children and teens. This is the most common form of diabetes that our Lawrenceville doctors treat.

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Stress May Be a Factor for Your Developing Diabetes

There can be no denying that stress has (regrettably) become part of modern human existence. The average person deals with various stressors on a daily basis such as global warming, international terrorism, economic instability, workplace politics and familial issues, to name just a few. As long-time family doctors in Lawrenceville, Georgia, we know for a fact that these constant stressors have a huge impact on the health and well-being of our patients. Read on below to find out the connection between dealing with chronic stress and developing stage II diabetes. Click here to read more »

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