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Quit Smoking Once and For All

In today’s health-conscious world, it’s increasingly common to see people committing to the difficult but worthwhile task of quitting smoking. While this habit is among the hardest to break, it can definitely be done, and in this post we’re going to give you a couple tips to get you on your way to quitting for good. Let’s start off with an overlooked but important point: You need to have a reason.

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Can Your Diet Affect Your Mental Health?

Now that school has started again for the kids and our workload is likely to be picking up during the fall months, being alert, energetic and thinking clearly is more important than ever. Research is increasingly showing a correlation between a healthy diet and good mental health. The following information discusses how your diet affects overall mental health, possible foods that have a direct influence on mental functioning, and how to follow the healthiest diet possible for both physical and mental health.

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Fall Allergies — What are They? How do we Fix Them?

The fall season is considered as one of the most problematic for those that suffer from seasonal allergies.

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5 Facts About Heart Disease

You hear about cancer nearly every day — on TV, in social media, maybe you even have a personal connection to this horrible disease. It has impacted everyone in one way or another. But, did you know there is another disease responsible for taking more lives each year than all types of cancer combined? Heart disease is the No. 1 killer in America.

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Back to School Blues: Best Foods to Feed your Family

Summer is almost over, and that means the kids are back to school and meal planning for your family needs to be prepared in advance. With less free time during the day and shuttling the kids to activities before, during and after school, planning for breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner becomes more of a challenge

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Poor Sleeping Habits May Be the Cause of Excessive Weight Gain

In our many years as a trusted family medical clinic in Lawrenceville, Georgia, our commitment to the health of all our clients has never wavered. From containing symptoms of the common cold to battling more serious diseases, from administering flu vaccines to dealing with a variety of women’s health issues – we have assisted our clients through it all. And one of the issues we see most frequently is obesity.  Click here to read more »

Best Ways to Boost Your Metabolism in The Morning

To get the most out of your daily burn and really rev-up your metabolism, start bright and early.  Click here to read more »

What To Expect at Each Stage of Pregnancy

Though people commonly think that pregnancy lasts nine months, it is actually more along the lines of 40 weeks. During this time, your body will undergo many changes. Some of them will be amazing, while others might be less pleasant. Our Gwinnett doctors want to guide you through what you can expect in each of the trimesters of your pregnancy. Click here to read more »

Benefits of Daily Exercise

Science has proven that there are countless benefits to exercising for even a short period every single day. Here are some of the most common benefits we see at our Lawrenceville family health center: Click here to read more »

Tips for Starting an Exercise Program

It can be exciting to start a new exercise program, but many of our Lawrenceville clinic patients find it difficult to keep going with their exercise program. Our doctors have a few tips for how to create a successful and long-lasting exercise program. Click here to read more »

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